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One Corporate Commons at 1 Teleport Drive,
Staten Island, New York, 10311
Fax: (347) 466-5746 

 Phone: (347) 855-2238  

 Phone Extension Directory

Name (Last, First) Title Phone Extension
Byalin. Kenneth President 351
Finn, Evelyn VP of Academic Affairs  364
Zilinski, Christopher Principal 352
Volini, Dana AP of Operations 353
Peterford, Theresa AP of Special Education 365
Iddamalgoda, Priyanga Finance Manager  354
Varvara, Susan Office Manager 355
Duncanson, Reynaldo IT Manager 318
Disalvo, Diane Dir. of Counseling 371
Mazzone, Stephanie Dir. of Communications 356
Howard, Angela Receptionist 300
Cottingham, Mary  Event Coordinator & President Secretary                        359
Garriga, Stephanie  Principal Secretary                         362
Orefice, Vanessa Operations Assistant 358
Maratos, Marigold Finance Assistant 357
Zilinski, Jeremy Security 316
DeOleo, Ana Social Worker 369
Somma, Nadine Social Worker 372
Tuppatsch, Maureen Food Services 328
McNamara, Kelly College/Career Advisor  344
Socolick, Frances Nurse 326