Principal's Journal Message (Middle & High)


To the Lavelle Prep Family,

I feel like I tell people the following all the time, (which is a good thing), but it is an exciting time to be at Lavelle Prep. Our High School Seniors have sent out their college applications, and some have already received great news. March Madness, a series of events lasting the month of March showcasing the talents and skills of our students, is here. The biggest news might be Lavelle Prep’s plan to expand the school to include an Elementary division has been approved. This means that starting next year we will be adding grades 3 through 5 to our school. Like I said, exciting.

The Senior Class is starting to see the payoff of seven years’ worth of hard work at Lavelle Prep. All college applications have gone out, and acceptance letters and scholarship money have come in. It is a privilege to see the students begin to plan the next phase of their lives. March Madness begins this week, and I encourage everyone to come and visit to see the hard work that our students and staff are putting into these events. Additionally, parents will have the opportunity to spin our “Wheel of Prizes” after filling out our survey.

The Elementary school is the culmination of over a year of hard work applying for a charter extension and represents the commitment Lavelle Prep has to fulfilling the college promise. Next year, we will begin with grades 3 through 5 and ultimately continue down until we are a complete K through 12 school. We are beyond excited to have the opportunity to offer more students the opportunity to attend Lavelle Prep and hope that many of you send your younger students to our school.

Until next time,

Christopher Zilinski